We live in an age where people always seem to be in a race to get the latest technological advancement, whether it’s a brand new smartphone or the latest and greatest TV. But when it comes to cars, classic car lovers know that the latest isn’t always the greatest.

You probably don’t own a classic car because you love the mileage it gets or its handling. Instead, we love classic cars because they remind us of a different time when craftsmanship and style were the main focus. Because they quite literally don’t make ‘em like they used to, as a classic car owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your ride in top condition.

Check out these great accessories ideas from the Mobile Installation Services aftermarket parts pros to keep your classic ride looking good without keeping it locked away!

WeatherTech Floor Mats

Many older cars have carpet, which can end up harboring moisture and becoming a breeding ground for mildew. If you’re not careful, older cars can sometimes end up smelling musty and stale for this reason.

Traditional floor mats don’t do much to protect your floorboards from moisture and debris during rainy or wet weather. However, WeatherTech floor mats are strategically engineered to channel moisture and prevent it from touching your floors, keeping your floorboards in great condition no matter what the weather’s like.

The value of your vehicle is based not only on how it looks externally but also internally. Having professionals by your side is crucial and when you are working with us, we will always provide you with the exceptional quality products you can depend on.

Window Tint

If you’re lucky enough to have a classic ride with a like-new interior, you want to do everything you can to prevent fading. Interior fading and staining are common with exposure to solar heat and UV rays, which causes a natural bleaching process to occur.

Installing window tint protects your interior by blocking most of the sun’s solar radiation, making your ride safer for driver and passenger as well. Window tint also helps to prevent shattering if your car is involved in a collision. In addition, it also helps block out the glare and make the interior of the car a more comfortable temperature which can result in making you a better driver.

Our company wants you to have the best, and only uses the highest-rated tinting materials on the market. Professional window tint installation ensure the job is finished with a flawless look.

Car Alarm

Classic cars are frequent targets of burglars because they’re easily broken into. But the loss is about more than what’s in the car when your vehicle is a classic ride.

Nobody wants to see their mint condition classic car get mangled in pursuit of petty theft. That’s why a car alarm is a necessity for protecting your classic car.

Getting an expert installation is crucial, and you need professionals who understand the logistics of security features. This is why Mobile Installation Services is the right choice for all your car security needs!

Catalytic Converter Theft System

Your catalytic converter is a device inside your vehicle that looks similar to a small muffler attached to the exhaust system. Its purpose is to convert hazardous exhaust into less harmful vapors. To accomplish this, the manufacturers use metals like rhodium, palladium, and platinum, all considered precious metals.

The value of these items ranges from $1000 up to $14,000 per oz, and in most cases, a recycler will pay between $50 and $250 for a catalytic converter. In most cases, if someone has the experience, the catalytic converter can be removed from your vehicle in less than two minutes, and with over 130 converters stolen in Minnesota in 2022 already, it makes sense to invest in prevention.

Investing in a catalytic converter theft system with Mobile Installation Services is a great choice to reduce this risk and keep your classic car safer. Our experienced technicians will install a steel plate combined with an alarm system that sounds when removed.

Protect Your Classic Car With Brooklyn Park Aftermarket Parts Installation

Whether you’re part of a classic car club or you just love taking your old Camaro for a drive on a bluebird day, there’s nothing like owning a slice of American auto history. If you’re lucky enough to own a classic car, you want to do everything you can to keep it in top condition.

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