Everyone knows that the air conditioning and heating system of a vehicle can be expensive to repair and replace. But expensive repairs aren't always necessary. There are some ways that you can improve upon the air conditioning and heating of your car without a significant investment -- especially if it's been a while since it's been maintained. 

Clean or Change the Air Filters

Just like home air conditioning and heating systems, the air filters themselves can get clogged. When this happens, the air cannot circulate as easily, and the system itself has to do more work. You can usually clean and change the filters yourself rather than having to wait for your regular maintenance. Change the air filters more frequently if you drive your car often or if you drive in unusually dusty areas.

Keep the Cabin Closed

Your vehicle will have a setting for either introducing exterior air or keeping the cabin completely closed. Always keep the cabin closed if you're trying to improve upon your a/c or heating; this means that your vehicle will only need to work to cool and heat the air inside of your vehicle, rather than having to cool and heat the air coming from outside your vehicle too. In general, you only need to open up the cabin occasionally if you feel that the air in your car is getting too "stuffy."

Don't Forget the Environmental Factors

Finally, your air conditioning and heating system isn't all that you need to concern yourself with. When it's hot out, make sure that you have a reflective sun visor up whenever your vehicle is parked; this will prevent your car from getting too hot. When it's cold out, get darker seat covers for the interior of your car; this will trap the heat and make the vehicle warmer during daylight. Paying attention to these environmental factors will mean that your car's a/c and heating has to do less work.

Properly maintaining your air conditioning and heating can help it last longer, too. If you're currently having issues with your a/c and heating system, it's better to get it fixed as soon as possible -- otherwise minor problems can become more expensive ones. Contact the experts at Mobile Install today to find out more.

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