Reducing the drag on your vehicle is one of the easiest ways you can improve your gas mileage. The more drag a vehicle has, the harder it has to work to achieve and maintain speed. This both uses more gas and produces more wear on the vehicle.

Covering Tail Gates on Trucks

Tail gates on trucks can produce fairly significant drag -- but this can be resolved through the use of special tail gate covers. If you don't want to cover the entire back of your truck, these covers can instead make your vehicle more aerodynamic. They are a thin mesh that attaches over the back of the truck to properly move the air. Though some believe that lowering a tail gate can help, it actually produces more drag. Removing a tail gate entirely, however, can reduce drag.

Maintaining Car Tires Properly

Car tires may make drag worse if they are not properly inflated. Sagging tires reduce gas mileage in a variety of ways, but can be resolved easily by checking the pressure of your tires frequently. Additionally, you can also switch out your tires for wider tires. Wider tires don't just reduce drag, but they also touch the ground with more surface area -- making it easier for the vehicle to move and maneuver.

Remove Roof Racks Not in Use

When not in use, all extraneous items should be removed from your car. This includes roof racks, trailer hitches, and other functional items. This will also reduce the amount that your vehicle weighs, even if just by a little. The less your vehicle ways, the less gas it will consume.

Lower Your Vehicles

Lowering your vehicle means that less air will flow under your vehicle. Air flowing under your vehicle becomes disruptive and slows down your vehicle overall. The lower your vehicle is, the better its aerodynamics will be. Because of this, thinner tires may also be very desirable -- as well as a dropped suspension. Do note, however, that some vehicles can become more difficult to drive when lowered in this way.

There are may installation options for car owners who want to make their vehicle more economical and aerodynamic. Mobile Install can give you a variety of options designed to improve both the appearance and function of your vehicle. Contact Mobile Install today to find out more!

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