Sound systems are an incredibly popular way to modify a car. Whether you enjoy taking long road trips or are just trying to liven up your morning commute, a sound system can make driving more fun. Regardless, there are some laws you might have to follow to make sure your car is legally acceptable.

Laws Regarding Vehicle Sound Systems

Not only should a sound system be installed by a quality mechanic, but there are certain limits on the usable volume of a sound system. Sound systems generally can't be disruptively loud, especially in residential areas.

Many drivers forget about the bass of their car, which is often distinguishable from much farther away than they believe. Drivers should be especially conscientious late at night and should keep their windows closed whenever using their sound system.

Drivers should also be aware of the content they are listening to. If it is overly explicit, it may not be welcome in many areas. Again, keeping the windows of the vehicle closed can sometimes help -- but it shouldn't be relied upon.

Neighborhood Sound Regulations

It isn't just the law you might need to worry about. Individual neighborhoods often have regulations regarding both the volume of sound and the time the sound is allowed. This is especially true if you have an HOA. In general, sound systems should be quieter at night, when neighbors are likely to be asleep. Though neighborhoods usually don't have direct legal recourse, they can levy fines and penalties against those who live there.

The Consequences of Loud Sound Systems

For the most part, most drivers will receive a warning regarding their sound systems rather than a fine or a ticket. For the most part, it's often difficult to be able to determine exactly how loud a vehicle was. Having a system that has the capacity to be loud is not illegal -- it is using it that can be illegal. Drivers who are warned can generally avoid any legal consequences simply by turning down their system as directed.

Sound systems are generally perfectly legal as long as they aren't impacting the quiet enjoyment of other individual's homes. Otherwise, you could potentially run into some trouble. For more information about the local laws and regulations, contact Mobile Install today. Mobile Install specializes in all types of sound system installation, including high performance bass. 

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