Winter can be tough on our vehicles! The cold and snow can do damage or just make driving a little too uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket accessories that can make a big difference – and many also make great gifts! Here are five of the most effective options.

1. Internal Heaters

Auxiliary heaters come in many different types and sizes, but they're all designed for extremely cold areas where your engine or radiator risk getting frozen, even after a short stay outside. Many of these heaters are electrical, so you'll need to find parking spots that include those little outlets nearby just for this purpose...but that's a small price to pay for safety. Of course, if you find that it's the inside of the car that's getting too cold, you can always install a custom aftermarket defroster or heater fan to make it even warmer in there.

2. Remote Start Systems

Remote start systems have many advantages, but they truly shine in cold winter conditions. There's nothing like being able to start your car or truck and have it warm up out in the snow before you even step outside. Plus, these remote start systems are also great for safety and include extra features to help you locate your vehicle or control other features, depending on the type that you choose. Professional aftermarket installation services can help you find the right version for your model.

3. Heated Windshield Wipers

Heated windshield wipers are a newer accessories that, well, adds some heat to your windshield wipers. Often an ice scraper is enough to remove snow from your windows, but if you leave in an area that gets freezing rain or melting/refreeze periods, you may have annoying ice build up that just won't go away very easily. Heated windshield wipers can make this a whole lot easier to deal with!

4. Grill Covers

Grill covers, as you can guess, protect your vehicle's grill from winter damage. This is particularly handy if you have one of those truck models with a large grill that can get jammed with snow and ice over winter – with icy grime that becomes increasingly hard to clean. The grill cover is a simple accessory that can help protect your vehicle from these problems and keep things clean.

5. Vehicle Plow

Yes, sometimes you just need a plow attachment for your truck! This is a great accessory for those who live in rural areas or have long roads/driveways that don't get cleaned up by the city. It's also an amazing accessory for construction workers and contractors who have to deal with snow build-up. If the snow gets a little too high in your area, consider taking are of it yourself with a snow plow!

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