Just like any other component on your vehicle, your tires are an investment. To preserve that investment, it is crucial to ensure your tires are always inflated to the manufacturer's specifications.

Performing standard maintenance is also required to enhance tire longevity and durability. One such task that all drivers should learn how to master is checking tire pressure.

Keep reading for simple tips from your local tire experts in the Twin Cities metro area!

Steps to Check Your Tire Pressure

Whether you are new to tire care or looking for a refresher course, Mobile Installation Services has you covered here on how to check tire air pressure – and some helpful maintenance tips!

1. Find the Correct Pressure Number

Your tires are going to have a specific recommended pressure level from the manufacturer. Typically, this information will either be located in the owner's manual or on the door jamb of the driver's side.

The numbers will be between 28-35 PSI to help you identify the number you need to reach on the gauge.

When checking the pressure, consider the last time you had a tire rotation. This is crucial for maintenance, because it can prevent uneven wear and enhance tire durability.

2. Learn When to Check the Tires

The best time to check the tire is when it's cold. This is because as the interior warms up, it can create pressure on the inside and give you an inaccurate reading.

And a good rule is to always wait 30 minutes after driving to check the pressure to ensure you have the appropriate number.

3. Pick a Good Gauge

The gauge will also be an essential factor; in most cases, the digital option is the best choice, but they require batteries.

A dial gauge will give you a better reading than a traditional stick option, but dial gauges tend to be larger and take up more vehicle space.

4. Check the Pressure

Remove the valve cap on the tire stem, which will be silver or black, and press the gauge onto the valve at the open end. Each indicator will function differently, and it may take a moment to get the reading from a digital reader.

With the dial, you have to wait for it to stop moving, and the stick gauge is ready when the stick is no longer moving.

One recommendation when you are checking the pressure is to take a moment to inspect the tires. This is another crucial maintenance tip, because it can help you identify if there is any damage and what the tread level is on the tires.

When You Need Experts at Your Side, Mobile Installation Services is There

The same rules apply whether you own a standard or commercial vehicle; the care, maintenance, and tire pressure are all integral to keeping the vehicle safer. And whether you need tires or professional window tint, Mobile Installation Services is an expert provider you can trust in Minnesota.

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