One rule always holds true when it comes to cars: new wheels are expensive. Whether you’ve just driven a new vehicle out of the sales parking lot or are taking your old car in for an upgrade, you’ll want to make sure your tires last as long as possible. Aside from new wheels being a significant investment, bald tires can cause a serious safety hazard, as they hinder your ability to stop quickly and are prone to hydroplaning.


Mobile Installation, a Brooklyn Park postmarket installation firm, describes what you can do to keep your tires running strong for as long as possible.

Rotate Your Tires Periodically

Rotating your tires, you may ask? Don’t your tires complete thousands of rotations every time you drive? Well, yes, but in terms of tire maintenance, rotation refers to something else entirely; it’s a little confusing, we know!


Tire rotation is a maintenance procedure in which your tires’ positions underneath your car are swapped. For example, your back right tire might be moved to the front axle on the left side. Tire rotation ensures even wear on all four wheels, as these wheels take your vehicle’s weight differently depending on where they’re located under your car. To get the most out of your tires and ensure even wear, get them professionally rotated every five thousand miles.

Fill Up Your Tires Properly

All tires are built differently—that is, built to hold a certain amount of air pressure inside of them at any given time. Poorly inflated tires can be more subject to blowouts than properly inflated ones if they are left that way for an extended period of time. Underinflated tires also subject to increased wear due to their extra surface area making contact with the road!


As per the Tread Act passed in 2000, new car models must be made with some sort of indicator that tells you if your tires are twenty-five to thirty percent below where they should be. Study your instruction manual and figure out how this system works for your individual vehicle! However, if your car is an older model, check your tire pressure monthly with a gauge.

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