A power liftgate? What on Earth is that? It sounds like a workout machine you’d use in the gym, or some kind of extreme or dangerous sport. It is, shockingly, a post-market upgrade for your SUV, CUV or van, and while there’s nothing extreme or dangerous about using it, the benefits for pretty much every driver on the road are pretty extreme.


Below, Mobile Installation, a Brooklyn Park Installer of everything from tonneau covers to new wheels, defines power liftgates, as well as highlights what they can do for drivers from all walks of life.

Power Liftgates Defined

Essentially, a power liftgate gives a vehicle owner the ability to open their car’s rear door with the push of a button. Said button is installed on the key fob and/or inside the car itself at the front and rear of the vehicle. Some power liftgate models (like ours) even feature customizable height settings and a sensor that stops the rear door from opening if it detects an obstruction above it, saving you money and stress.


Power liftgates are installable on SUVs, CUVs, and vans—vehicles that have back doors that operate in an up-and-down, hinge-like motion. Many newer vehicles can have this technology installed; certain makes of Hondas, Hyundais, Kias, Fords, Toyotas, Chevys, Buicks, Jeeps, Nissans, and Mazdas all can be seen on the roads today sporting a power liftgate. This upgrade is the perfect post-market addition for the newer car that you’ll be driving for years to come!


At Mobile Installation, we stand behind and carry solely Voxx power liftgates. The brand’s long history and its commitment to enhancing the driving experience makes it stand out among its competitors as the obvious choice for any power liftgate. Voxx power liftgates even feature Plug-N-Play technology, meaning that your car’s computer system won’t need rewiring or additional software upon installation of the upgrade.

Who Can Use a Power Liftgate?

Pretty much everyone who uses their car for carrying cargo could use a power liftgate. This includes:


●        The frazzled parent. Carrying groceries to your car while also wrangling three toddlers is a feat all on its own. Good luck getting your rear door open when you’ve got a baby in one arm and a toddler clinging to the other! Being able to open your rear door easily and from afar lets you keep an eye on your kids in hazardous parking lots, as well as ensures easy loading of anything from strollers to groceries.

●        The older individual. As we age, our bodies become less tolerant of stress and exertion. Arthritis and mobility concerns can stop a senior citizen from enjoying the independent activities they once loved, such as shopping or relishing in the outdoors. A power liftgate helps cut down on some of the bodily stress associated with these activities, making them more accessible as you age.

●        The weekend warrior. Are you constantly loading coolers into your car? How about innertubes? Your dog? Even for people who just take weekend trips, the convenience of a self-opening rear door makes it well worth the upgrade.

Looking to Install a Power Liftgate? Mobile Installation Can Help

We’re a postmarket upgrade services firm that handles everything from step bars to car alarms; we’d be glad to help you with a new power liftgate. To find out more about our products and installation services, visit our Brooklyn Park location. You can also call us at 612-986-3332, or you can send a message to contact page.

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