Now more than ever before, the world is taking extra precautions to help keep our communities safe. Families are adopting social distancing practices and taking extra steps to protect themselves and their communities from the novel coronavirus. To minimize personal contact, many Twin Cities residents are taking advantage of drive-through and pick-up services at grocery stores and retailers. If you’re concerned about minimizing your contact with coronavirus and other harmful bugs out there, a power liftgate is a simple solution that allows you hands-free vehicle loading.

As always, our team of aftermarket parts installation pros at Mobile Installation is working hard to help Brooklyn Park residents get the car add-ons they need. In this post, we’ll share how power liftgates can make your life easier and help make loading cargo into your vehicle a safer experience. 


Millions of Americans are taking advantage of curbside pickup, and more stores are offering this service than ever before. By calling ahead and ordering your groceries or retail purchase, you can minimize your time in the store and maintain social distancing.

With a power liftgate, a remote control integrates into your car’s keyless entry system, allowing employees to access your trunk while maintaining minimal contact. Simply access your liftgate via the remote on your key fob or the OEM-style button located at the front of your vehicle.


Even if you’re shopping in-store, a power liftgate makes it easier to get in and out of your vehicle without having to handle your trunk. When you’re loading up your weekly groceries, this can be a true game-changer. It’s like having your own personal helper to assist you when you’re loading the car. A liftgate also makes loading and unloading cargo like camping gear easier than ever.

In addition to liftgates, we can install a wide range of solutions like these to make the family ride more pleasant and convenient:

●        Remote start

●        Window tint

●        Bluetooth

●        DVD systems


Whether you’re picking up curbside orders more often these days or you just love the idea of easier loading in your vehicle, our team at Mobile Installation can help. Loading and unloading your vehicle is as easy as the simple push of a button with our Voxx electronic liftgates.

We’re taking extra precautions right now to help keep our community and customers safe including personal appointments and pick up service. Schedule your appointment by calling 612-986-3332, or contact us online to get a completely free quote on your new liftgate today.

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