Vehicle maintenance and gas prices are high enough these days without having to pay for expensive repairs. But unfortunately, a recent spike in catalytic converter thefts has cost far too many Minnesota drivers, and the problem is only getting worse as time goes by.

Although you can’t guarantee your ride won’t fall victim to catalytic converter thieves, knowing whether you’re at risk can help you take precautions to reduce your chances. In this post from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we’re covering the most common vehicles for catalytic converter theft and simple steps on protecting your ride. Check out this guide and then call Mobile Installation to make sure you’re covered when thieves come looking for an easy payday.

Why Catalytic Converters Get Stolen

Catalytic converters are essential for all vehicles manufactured after 1974. Their job is to help to reduce a car’s emissions. Thieves love to steal them because they can be quickly and easily removed and contain high-value precious metals. They frequently target vehicles that are parked on the street, but they’ll even steal them right out of a parking lot while you’re shopping or at work.

If your cat gets stolen, you’ll still be able to drive yourself home, but you shouldn’t go anywhere else until it gets replaced, and they can be quite costly. While your car will run without one, this is terrible for the environment and you’ll get fined if you’re caught. And you will eventually get caught due to the distinctive sound your vehicle will make without one.

Most Common Catalytic Converter Thefts

Some makes and models of vehicles are especially prone to catalytic converter theft for a couple of reasons. The first is the type and amount of precious metals a given manufacturer uses in its cat.

Ease of theft and the amount time it takes to remove a cat from a certain make or model can also contribute to catalytic converter thefts. Generally speaking, the higher your vehicle sits off of the ground and the more efficient it is, the more likely it is to be stolen.

These makes and models are more vulnerable to catalytic converter theft than other vehicles:

●        Toyota Prius and other hybrids

●        Toyota 4Runner

●        Toyota Tacoma

●        Lexus SUVs

●        Honda Element

●        Honda Accord

●        Honda vans

●        Pickup trucks

●        U-Haul trucks

●        Other types of late-model trucks and SUVs

Protecting Your Catalytic Converter

If your vehicle is particularly vulnerable to catalytic converter theft, you should take steps now to keep your cat from getting stolen by opportunistic criminals. Here are a few things you can do:

➢       Park in brightly lit areas where there are lots of people and/or security cameras around.

➢       Install a car alarm with a motion sensor.

➢       Install a catalytic converter cage that makes your cat harder to steal. 

To get a car alarm that protects your vehicle from catalytic converter theft, call Mobile Installation 612-986-3332. You can also connect with us online to get a free quote and learn about options for protecting your ride.

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