These days, the automotive industry is undergoing changes so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. This is just as true for aftermarket car interior parts as it is for the manufacturer’s original parts.

At Mobile Installation, we spend a lot of time talking about the best innovations in aftermarket car interior accessories for passenger cars. But in this post, we’ll talk about accessories that can help your commercial fleet support the success of your business.

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1. Dronemobile

Dronemobile is the perfect vehicle tracking solution for small fleets to mid-sized fleets. Dronemobile gives you the power to monitor the locations of every vehicle in your fleet in a matter of seconds using the Dronemobile app track page.

●        You’ll receive push notifications the moment a vehicle’s engine turns on or off as well as 10 point-of-interest alerts per vehicle.

●        Set up alerts for geofence boundaries and get a notification when one of your fleet vehicles enters or exits an area.

●        You can also get speeding alerts by setting a maximum speed for each fleet vehicle.

●        Dronemobile even offers scheduled times for authorized use of vehicles complete with notifications when vehicles are used outside of that window.

2. Laptop Mounts

When your employees need access to data on the job, their laptops are essential to their work. A good laptop mount is fundamental when it comes to giving your employees optimal performance capabilities while out on the job.

The most significant challenges with laptop installation include functionality, durability, and comfort. We can install laptop mounts across your fleet that help you to achieve these goals, giving your employees the best tools they need to bring their A-game every day.

3. Rear Entertainment System

If your fleet requires drivers to go over the road for extended periods, one aftermarket accessory that you need to install is a DVD system or other type of rear entertainment.

Overnight and weekly excursions can be an exhausting experience, especially if there is nothing to do on the trip. In most cases, an audio system can offer some entertainment for the driver.

But for the ones that need to spend more time on the road than others, having a DVD system in place will give them something to do in their downtime while at the same time potentially boosting their morale and productivity levels.

4. Power Inverters

Inverters are devices that will revert the battery's direct current into an alternating current and allow for plugging in any item that would be plugged into a standard electricity outlet. They are an excellent addition to the fleet because this will provide a much broader option for the individual to use almost any item they choose when they are on break or driving.

There are different battery voltages, and they come in various sizes to accommodate almost any need.

5. Step Bars

The running boards and step bars are located at the bottom of the vehicle's doors and have two primary functions. The first one is to create some extra support and offer a way for an individual to step up into the vehicle more safely. This can be an even larger priority if you have bigger trucks because it can be more challenging to get in and out of.

Another advantage they have is that they can help keep the interior of the vehicle cleaner because they can work as a form of a doormat to help remove some of the dirt before individuals get in and out of the vehicle. They come in multiple materials and are considered a smart aftermarket accessory to promote safety for drivers and passengers.

6. Bluetooth

Bluetooth devices are one of the most powerful safety innovations available on the aftermarket car interior market today. Distracted driving is a serious problem facing commercial fleet owners, adding up to serious liability for companies with fleets each year.

With hands free communication from Bluetooth device installation, you can reduce the chance your drivers will be involved in a distracted driving incident.

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