It seems like as soon as the days start to get longer, it’s not long before the insides of our cars start to heat up. This is especially true for drivers with dark interiors, which can absorb the sun’s heat. If your car tends to be hot in the summertime, getting in while wearing shorts can be a miserable experience, especially if you have the misfortune of touching something metal inside your car. If you’re tired of the summertime misery, it might be time to install window tint in your car and turn down the heat.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, our aftermarket accessories team can help you stay cool all season long with professional window tint installation.

In this blog entry, we’re sharing our favorite reasons to tint your windows in time for summer this year.

Window Tint Laminate

Just like windows of homes and offices, car windows are tinted using a thin laminate coating. Although there are many materials used in window film manufacturing, polyester is one of the most prevalent.

Polyester window film is less likely to shrink as time goes by, and its composition allows it to retain its shape without becoming damaged.

Window tint provides a number of advantages over non-tinted windows:

1. Minimize glare.

When you’re driving in the summer sun or surrounded by bright winter snow, that glare can be more than just a nuisance. It can also be quite dangerous, compromising your safety when you can’t see in traffic. Window tint reduces the glare as well as reflections in your window, giving you a much clearer view.

2. Protect your interior.

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture in your home and found a faded spot on the floor? This fading or color damage to the vehicle upholstery is caused by the sun’s UV rays, which bleach the material.

The same effect can happen to your car’s interior, leading to faded spots over time. Window tint limits material degradation and fading by blocking harmful UV rays.

Another thing to consider is that tint can also help reduce the exposure for anyone in the vehicle. Having a high-quality tint in place can help reduce the number of harmful rays that can reach the passengers and driver to avoid sunburns or over-exposure.

3. Make your car feel cooler.

It is a painful experience to get into your vehicle and get burned when you touch the leather seats, steering wheel, and shifter. And it can be a miserable experience to need to drive without being able to touch anything in the car until it cools down.

Window tint helps reduce the solar heat that can build up inside the vehicle, which means you will have a more comfortable ride even on the hottest days. High-quality tint can reduce up to 70% of the heat that can enter your vehicle, and even reducing the temperature slightly will help reduce the amount of time you need to run your air conditioner.

This also means less wear and tear on the cooling system itself, so it will be less apt to need repair or replacement, and more money in your pocket.

4. Hide smudges and dirt better.

It may be too hot to take a trip to the car wash during the summer months, or you may not have time due to daily obligations. And have you ever noticed that dark windows just look better?

If your windows aren’t tinted, they can show every little smudge and spot. However, tinted windows look sleek even between washes.

5. Increase your ride’s value and aesthetics.

The last consideration is that tint makes a stylish statement about the vehicle you are driving. Every car commercial focuses mainly on the car's looks because that is one way to catch the customer's eye. Many vehicles in advertisements already have dark windows because it is an effective way to make a vehicle stand out.

You can get the tint in different colors or strengths, to give your vehicle a personal touch. Bug shields can also help contribute to the value, and depending on what tint material you choose, it can help keep the car cooler while you are out cruising in the summer.

Install Window Tint on Your Twin Cities Car or Truck

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