In automotive terms, a power inverter can adapt your 12 volt DC vehicle power to 110 volt AC power.  Most recreational and commercial trucking vehicles provide some AC power outlet options but users often find these lacking in quantity, and standard cars typically do not offer any AC capabilities.  Power inverters are available in a variety of power output levels, sizes and feature sets based on your needs in commercial or standard vehicles.

Mobile Installation Services is proud to offer power inverters from AIMS Power, an industry leader in such products since 2001 with the most complete line of DC power inverters available today. AIMS Power manufactures commercial, industrial, consumer, automotive and whole house inverters, with specific focus on DC to AC conversion.  This includes 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt power inverters.  With consumer, commercial and industrial grade units, modified sine and pure sine wave models, and a full line of inverters with built in chargers and transfer switches – every conceivable usage is addressed.


The needs for AC power in a recreational vehicle, camper or over-the-road transport seem obvious.  But why would anyone need to have this in a regular car or light truck?  Outdoor recreational pursuits involving the vehicle you typically drive every day provide good reason to own an inverter. Certain activities may require kitchen appliances, heaters, refrigerators or entertainment equipment. For example, while planning a night of stargazing, a person could use a converter that would support a space heater. Tailgaters that cook out and entertain at sporting events and concerts can power a wide variety of appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, or blender. An impromptu camping trip with your sedan can have you eating in style with a coffee maker, waffle iron, or electric frying pan.


Working at indoor or outdoor locations without electrical power can also create the need for an inverter, which becomes useful for powering a wide variety of tools. At a new home construction site with no power?  No problem – connect an extension cord to your inverter and illuminate your work.


Mobile Installation Services offers families, travelers, business people, and tradesman the added advantage of electrical power on the go.  We will work with you to determine the best inverter solution for your needs, taking into consideration the amount of power you are likely to use as well as the numbers and types of outlets you are likely to require.  At the end of the day, you will be ‘empowered’ to use any electrical device you want, anywhere, at any time!


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