Even if you’re a careful driver, nobody’s perfect all of the time. Few things are more frustrating than thinking you’re following the speed limit only to suddenly get hit with those flashing reds and blues.

Not realizing you’ve fallen victim to a speed trap can cost you dearly. And it’s not just the cost of the speeding ticket. The impact on your driving record can cause your insurance rates to go up or even find you stuck in traffic school.

The worst part about these tricky speed traps is that some police forces set them up to be intentionally deceptive. That’s why even the best drivers can benefit from a concealed radar detector from the aftermarket car interior pros at Mobile Installation in Minnesota.

The K40 Radar Detector

K-40 Electronics specializes in manufacturing high-performance aftermarket car parts that keep drivers from getting tickets with early warning radar detection.

Available options:

●      The Platinum360 Front and Rear Radar Detection System

The Platinum360 system integrates Low Noise Amplifier radar technology with completely customizable options to create a reliable system that’s designed for your driving style. The LNA system is highly sensitive with powerful range that gives you complete control. System includes dual front and rear radar receivers, a discreet LED display, and wireless or hardwired control.

●      The Platinum200 Single Receiver Police Radar Detection System

The Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) radar system is integrated into your vehicle with a front radar receiver.

●      The Laser Defuser

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a type of highly sensitive laser gun that police officers point at traffic to identify speeding vehicles. These short-range detectors are pinpoint accurate up to around 1000 feet.

While police radar gives you advanced warning before you’re targeted, laser guns give no advanced warning until you’re in their crosshairs. The K40 Laser Defuser™ combats laser technology using discreet laser diode technology to prevent LIDAR detection. Laser defusers can be added to any K40 system for complete protection against all types of speed traps.

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