Are you driving a vehicle without cruise control but you feel like you’re missing out? At Mobile Installation, our aftermarket car interior accessories team can install cruise control to a wide range of vehicles. Enjoy more comfortable road trips, better gas mileage, and more! With an aftermarket cruise control installation from Rostra, getting cruise control in your vehicle is easier than ever.

Here’s what you need to know to get started. Give us a call to schedule your cruise control installation today!

History of Cruise Control

Most drivers are surprised when they learn that cruise control was one of the earliest known innovations for early drivers around the turn of the 20th century. Formerly dubbed a car’s “speed control device,” cruise control was meant to maintain a car’s speed when driving up and down hills and slopes. This technology was adapted from the cruise control used to moderate steam engines throughout the 1800s.

Today’s cruise control has come a long way from those early speed control devices. The earliest version of the modern system we all know and love came to exist in 1948 and was meant to maintain freeway speeds. First used in the 1958 Chrysler Imperial, the new system was first known as “autopilot” before getting later renamed as the “Speedostat cruise control” system.

Why We Love Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of those small features that make all the difference when driving. Fortunately, adding aftermarket cruise control is affordable and easy!

These are just a few reasons to have Rostra cruise control installed in your ride:

●        You’ll enjoy better gas mileage.

●        You’ll have an easier time avoiding speeding tickets and speed traps.

●        You’ll be less likely to get fatigued when driving on long road trips.

●        A more consistent speed is a more comfortable ride.

Rostra Cruise Control

If you’re looking for a quality cruise control system that’s manufactured right here in the United States, Rostra is a perfect solution for your vehicle. For maximum convenience, you can set your desired highway speed using the optional steering column cruise control switch.

Are you thinking of taking a road trip this summer? Getting cruise control is easy with our mobile accessories installation services from Mobile Installation.

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