Whether you drive a Harley, a Ducati, or even a Burgman, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of a long ride and the open road up ahead of you. But while a road trip on a bike can be good for the soul, it can be more than a little rough on your body. After a hundred miles or so, keeping that throttle open can be tough on a biker’s hand. If your bike doesn’t have cruise control, that discomfort can even translate to a safety risk.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, our aftermarket car accessories techs can upgrade your bike with a better audio system, alarm system, LEDs, and even cruise control. Check out these reasons to invest in cruise control and the call to schedule your installation today.

Why Don’t Some Bikes Have Cruise Control?

Older bikes rarely have cruise control because the technology at the time just wasn’t great. Cruise controls on automobiles were originally controlled by vacuum servos, which didn’t translate to motorcycle use due to their complexity and size.

In the past, some bikes like Harleys and Honda Goldwings came with throttle locks that worked similarly to cruise control. Today, many newer bikes, especially touring bikes, are coming equipped with a more advanced cruise control feature. Modern cruise control systems are computer-controlled, making cruise control installation an easy add-on. Between innovations in cruise control systems and breakaway throttle locks, there’s a cruise control option for every bike these days.

These are some of the reasons more riders are investing in aftermarket cruise control for their bikes:

1.    Better Mileage

Just like in your car, having cruise control on your bike can help with gas mileage. For many riders, better mileage is the best reason to invest in motorcycle cruise control.

2.    Hand and Wrist Relief

One of the most popular reasons to invest in motorcycle cruise control is to reduce hand and wrist cramps. This is especially important for older riders who often find that constantly twisting the throttle to adjust their speed can cause more discomfort than it did when they were younger.

3.    Less Chance of a Speeding Ticket

Cruise control has a primary purpose: to keep your speed at a consistent state to help reduce the need to adjust how fast you are going on a regular basis. There are some stretches of road that you may be spending a significant amount of time on where your rate of speed doesn't need to change, and this is just one more way cruise control can offer the benefit because it reduces the chances of receiving a ticket.

4.    Allows for More Focus

Driving takes a large amount of attention, and this can be imperative to make sure that you can keep your focus on the areas where you need it when you are behind the wheel. Having cruise control in place gives you one less thing you have to monitor while you're going down the road. It means you have more focus on your surroundings, other drivers, and how you are driving.

5.    Increases Comfort

Your comfort is essential and adding in items like heated seats or choosing cruise control can help contribute to keeping you in a relaxed state while you are on your bike. Being comfortable contributes to safer and defensive driving behaviors, meaning less potential accidents or mishaps. Cruise control can help contribute to this because it doesn't require having to think about setting specific speeds and allows your frame to rest more comfortably as you go down the road.

6.    It can Create Less Wear on the Engine

Your motorcycle engine is constantly in use, which means all components and parts, like anything else, will wear down as time goes on. Cruise control offers another benefit because it reduces the amount of acceleration that the engine will need to go through as you drive it down the road. This equates to less wear and tear on the engine, which can save you time and money while you own the motorcycle.

7.    Fatigue Reduction

Just like your hand can become cramped from gripping the throttle, spending a long time on your bike without a break or shift in position can increase fatigue. Cruise control lets you relax your muscles a bit, expending less energy and reducing fatigue so you can maintain better overall control.

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