We have come to expect the modern convenience of cruise control in our vehicles. But what if you have an older vehicle or a vehicle that came without cruise control? Mobile Installation can install cruise control aftermarket by our qualified professionals. Cruise controls can have many features.


Cruise Control Features for Your Car

Cruise control is a great feature. Commuters especially enjoy the ability to have a constant speed on long drives. Here are some of the features we recommend you look for when having your cruise control installed:


Ease of Operation. Distracted driving is a big problem today. It is important to concentrate while driving. Being able to operate your cruise control by using just a few steps or buttons within easy reach is important. This way, you can keep your mind and your eyes on the road.

Fuel Economy. Once you set the cruise control, it will maintain a speed. This constant speed is good for fuel economy.

But what about in hilly areas? You do not want your cruise control to constantly cycle passing gear or high revving your engine to maintain your speed. With the computerized nature of vehicles, we can wire a cruise control into your car’s computer to help it adapt to different driving conditions to increase fuel economy.

Adaptive Cruise Control. This is where the automotive industry is going. Several years ago, the automotive industry introduced a car that would parallel park itself. Now, automatic braking and side sensors are common features in many cars. By using cameras and side sensors, your car can be aware even when you are not.

This feature of auto braking combined with cruise control means you can now set your cruise to a maximum speed. The car will then sense when it is approaching another car and automatically slow down. Once the car is out of your way, your car will speed back up to the set speed. This takes the convenience of cruise control to a whole new level.

Hands-Free Driving. While the concept of autonomous driving is not quite mainstream, it is available on some high end vehicles. Once the technology is more common, aftermarket installation into older vehicles or vehicles that did not come standard with the option will be available. Hands-free driving may sound like it is futuristic, but our professionals will stay on top of the information available to give you the latest in cruise control technology.


Ready to Install Cruise Control in Brooklyn Park?

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