The mornings are awfully cold this time of year in Minnesota, and if you don’t have remote start on your vehicle, they’re even colder. Thankfully, these days it’s easier than ever to add remote start to your ride.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we can help you find the best remote start option for your vehicle. But just in case you’re still on the fence about whether you’re ready to invest in remote start, we’re looking into some of the biggest pros and cons below. To learn about remote start options for your vehicle, give your aftermarket parts technicians a call!

Remote Start Pros

There are plenty of great reasons to add a remote start to your ride. Here are a few:

1.    You’ll be safe and so will your car.

When you start your car remotely, your vehicle remains locked so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking off with it. Remote start integrates into your vehicle’s security system, making it just as safe and secure as a car without remote start.

2.    Your ride to work will be more pleasant.

Cold mornings when your car isn’t warmed up all the way can be miserable. With remote start on your vehicle, you can warm up your vehicle so you don’t have to run outside in the bitter cold to get into an even colder car. And with your engine warmed up, you won’t have to wait for your heater to stop blowing cold air.

3.    You’ll have better visibility.

Do you spend the first part of your ride to work dealing with window fog? Foggy windows occur when your window is a dramatically different temperature than the interior of your vehicle. If your ride has enough time to warm up in the morning, you’ll be able to see much more clearly, making your ride to work safer.

4.    You’ll spend less time scraping windows.

Is there anything worse than chipping away at your windshield in the morning so you can get a minimum level of visibility to drive safely to work? With remote start, your windows will be easier to scrape if they need scraping at all.

Remote Start Cons

Although remote start has plenty of advantages, there are a few cons to think about as well:

1.    The extra fuel adds up when you warm up your car every day.

Although it’s a small amount, over time, running your engine even while idling can add up in terms of extra money spent on fuel.

2.    Running your engine more can impact the environment as well.

Every time you start your vehicle, you’re impacting the environment. To mitigate this effect, try carpooling from time to time or consider investing in a more efficient ride.

3.    It’s wear and tear on your engine.

Idling doesn’t put a whole lot of wear on your engine, but running it even for a short time is still working your vehicle’s motor.

Get Your Remote Start Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

If you’re tired of running to your car every morning only to suffer in the bitter winter cold for part of your ride to work, give Mobile Installation a call at 612-986-3332 for installation delivery. Or you can get a free quote online to learn more about remote starter options for your vehicle.

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