Can you feel that chill in the air? It’s only October, but it won’t be long before frosty winter mornings are upon us. Here in Minnesota, winters mean plenty of ice and snow, and in the first few minutes of your drive before your car warms up, they can be challenging to say the least. When you install heated seats in your vehicle, you’ll enjoy a pleasant ride to work on even the coldest mornings.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we specialize in high-performance aftermarket accessories installation. With winter just around the corner, fall is the best time to install heated seats in your car or truck.

Perfect for Fall Drives

Although most people think of cold weather and snow days when they think about heated seats, they’re actually great for fall drives. October in Minnesota is an incredible time to take in the natural splendor of the land of 10,000 lakes, especially if you own a convertible or love the idea of rolling with the windows down.

With heated seats, you can enjoy the cool, crisp autumn air without having to bundle up. Take a drive down one of our scenic byways with a hot cup of cider or a delicious pumpkin spice latte in hand. Now that’s luxury!

Ease Your Back Pain

If you’re like millions of Americans who suffer from chronic back pain due to arthritis or another condition, taking a road trip isn’t always fun. Heated seats can give you a more comfortable ride to work or around town holiday shopping. If you’re thinking of taking a trip for the holidays, a heated seat can ease the aches and pains of sitting in the car for too long.

Here are a few more reasons to love heated car seats:

They Warm Up in Less Than One Minute

The fact is the longer it takes for the seats to warm up, the less time you will have the comfort you need. The Rostra system takes less than one minute to warm up, meaning more time relaxing and getting ready to roll.

They Come With Dual-Zone Heating Options

With consumers' demand for a more comfortable ride, dual-zone heating has become a popular addition. What this means is that you will have the control to choose where you want the heat to be distributed, ensuring a more comfortable driving experience.

Universal Rostra Heated Car Seats Fit Most Makes and Models

We work with the Rostra brand because they offer many different options to help create a fit that can be integrated into most vehicles, keeping our clients happier and more comfortable.

They're Backed With a Three-Year Warranty

Having a warranty in place means if there are any issues, you have peace of mind knowing you can find a resolution and that the product is protected.

Heated Seats Work Well With Leather or Cloth Vehicle Seats

Whether it's cloth or leather, aftermarket installs are an easy installation process. The kits are affordable, and they can be incorporated into your existing seats without worrying about damaging the material.

They're Available in Singles or in Pairs

You can also choose to have a separate or dual installation meaning your passengers will also get the benefit of a more comfortable seat.

Ergonomically Designed With Strain Relief

When you consider all the time you spend in your vehicle, that can put a lot of pressure on your hips and tailbone. You need the proper support to stay comfortable, and the Rostra system offers an ergonomic design to help accommodate for that.

Lumbar Support Options are Available

The main goal of lumbar support is to reduce the pressure on the discs in your back. Having a good posture can help create optimal curvature and keep your spine in proper alignment while you are sitting. When you consider how important your comfort is to be a safe driver, it makes sense to invest in the Rostra system.

Install Heated Seats from Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park

Every morning is getting colder, and it won’t be long before the dash from your home or work to the car is a sprint through the cold. With heated seats, you can take the bite out of frosty mornings. For added comfort, we can also install remote start.

To see our heated seats and interior options in action, visit our online gallery. Give us a call at 612-986-3332 for delivery and installation or contact a member of our team for a free quote on your custom car seats today!

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