Car security is always an important consideration for car owners. Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to help make your car safer with just a few changes or additions. Here are modern security options that will be a big difference when it comes to vehicle security.


Keyless Entry: A keyless entry allows you to easily control your car by locking or unlocking your doors at a distance. When this technology first came around, people worried that it would be hackable, but it was soon proven to be very secure. Using the latest apps and technology you can make sure that your car is locked or unlocked no matter where you are – and you can even start your car from a distance with remote starters if you need to get going quickly for any reason.


Car Alarms: Car alarms from the likes of Python, Viper and Avital provide you with multi-feature alarm capabilities that can probably do more than you would have even guessed. These alarms include options for both one-way and two-way remotes for starting alarms remotely or establishing two-way communication to make sure someone is safe. More advanced models even allow you to monitor car environmental conditions for young children, along with other useful features.


Tracking Devices: Tracking devices are all about knowing where your car is at any time. From recovering your car when it was stolen to making sure that friends or children are using your vehicle as planned, these GPS trackers have many uses. Cars do come with GPS tracking options, but an installation focused on security is both affordable and available for any car model you may be driving. And of course, some brands such as Lojack offer immediate police alerts if something is wrong, so you can get a problem taken care of ASAP.


Backup Cameras: Sometimes protecting your car is about making sure you don't accidentally damage it! If you frequently have to park in tight spots or deal with blind corners, consider installing a backup camera in your car. This will allow you an easy view of your surroundings that is far more effective than craning your head around – and much safer, too.


Cruise Control: We like to think of cruise control as a comfort feature, but actually this capability has many safety and security benefits. Modern options include capabilities like adaptive cruise control which can actually change your car's speed in response to surrounding traffic so that there's less of a chance of you getting into any accidents, especially if you aren't paying attention.


Power Locks: This is an easy installation, and helps tremendously if your car has old or malfunctioning locks. Don't take a risk that no one will break in: Make sure they can't with new door locks on your car.

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