Vehicles aren't exactly inexpensive property, which explains why many people go out of  their way to secure them. Thankfully, there's plenty of methods for protection when it comes to your vehicle that can easily suit your price range. With this being said, we're going to cover popular vehicle protection systems and how they keep your vehicle under your ownership. Here's a look at popular security on the market for automobiles.

Mechanical Immobilizers

Mechanical immobilizers render a vehicle useless without the owner around to remove the device. Many people use these security devices because they're highly visible, which results in the burglar turning away from a vehicle before any damage is done. Such effective mechanical immobilizers are:

  • Steering Wheel Locks - Steering wheel locks are visible from a mile away and are very difficult to remove when locked into place. Lower end steering wheel locks are roughly around $20 and higher end locks are around $100.
  • Hood Locks - A hood lock prevents thieves from stealing your battery, which can be fairly pricey to replace (and annoying). Lower end hood locks run around $20 as higher end locks run around $50.

Electronic Immobilizers

Electronic immobilizers are often built into vehicles, but certain high end systems may require installation. With the press of a button, one can lock their vehicle or give their vehicle permission to operate if they're about to drive.

Kill Switches

A kill switch does what you would imagine: it shuts off parts of the vehicle's electric components. These are typically used for bait cars, but their use has extended to the consumer market as well. Many vehicles have them built upon purchase, but they remain fairly easy to install if they haven't been installed already. Lower end kill switches run to about $10 as higher end kill switches run to about $200.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

One of the easiest and reasonable anti-theft units on the market may be tracking systems. These systems are known to be very expensive, but many have been known to locate stolen vehicles within an hour or so of their theft. Low end tracking systems run around $300 as higher end systems run to about $1,300.

Considering the information above, it's fairly easy to protect your vehicle at a reasonable price. Given the large market for vehicle protection, finding the most reasonable and cost effective solution should be no problem.

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