Before the winter weather kicks into high gear, car owners might want to do a little extra work to make sure their cars are comfortable. Many people believe that a car has to come with heated seats -- but heated seats can actually be installed in many vehicles. Aftermarket seat heaters are fit into cars underneath the seats themselves and do not alter the appearance of the vehicle.

Heated Seats Warm Up Very Quickly

It can take a while for a heater to warm up an entire vehicle. Heated seats simply need to warm up the seat itself, so you'll begin to feel warm almost immediately -- even if the interior of the car is still fairly cold. (Of course, you may also want to boost the effectiveness of your heater at the same time. Sometimes something as simple as routine maintenance and cleaning can improve upon its speed.)

Heated Seats Can Conserve on Energy Use

Heated seats transfer heat directly to you rather than warming up the interior of the car. Because of this, heated seats can actually conserve energy (and gas) -- you might not need the heater on at all if you've heated your seats. Heated seats will also dissipate some heat into the air, warming the vehicle as a whole. Of course, heated seats are usually more effective in areas with a mild cold rather than an extremely severe cold; otherwise they may have to be used in tandem with the car heater.

Heated Seats Can be Controlled Individually

Sometimes a driver may be cold and a passenger may be warm -- or vice versa. If you often find yourself disagreeing with your passenger about the climate control, a heated seat may be the ideal option. Heated seats can be turned on individually, so drivers and passengers will be able to control their own temperatures. With a traditional system, it's virtually impossible to warm up a single person. 

In addition to installing heated seats, drivers may also want to have their heaters maintained before the cold season truly hits. This will save a lot of discomfort and potential issues later on. Contact the experts at Mobile Install if you have any questions about "winterizing" your vehicle. 

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