Are you looking for a power inverter for your car? Power inverters are a handy device that boosts your car’s power, while giving you more options for plugging in your mobile devices. Mobile Installation offers comprehensive power inverter installations for all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Below are five different places in your vehicle we can install a power inverter in your vehicle.


1. The Trunk

If you’re like most car owners, you find yourself in situations where a power inverter is useful in the trunk from time to time. Many vehicles today, however, do not feature inverters in the trunk area. We can custom install an inverter in your trunk so that you have complete access to the rear of the car when you need it. We can help you decide which location in the trunk is best. If you have an SUV, we can place the inverter anywhere in the back of the vehicle.


2. Underneath a Car Seat

A car seat is a great area to install an inverter. It gives you access to plug in any portable devices from almost anywhere in the cabin. It’s also a great way to install an inverter without it being out in the open. We can determine if our front seats or back seats are best place to install the inverter. Where we place it depends on the size of the inverter and how much space you have under your seat.


3. In a Glove Compartment

The glove compartment is a great out of the way location for a power inverters. The size of the glove compartment will determine the size of the inverter we install. Keep in mind, you often use your glove compartment to store other items, as well, so if you install an inverter, there may not be much space left. We have several sizes of inverters to choose from. You can select the right inverter for your compartment. We can also install an inverter in your center compartment, if possible.


4. Mounted to the Floorboard

If you decide you want the inverter mounted on the floorboard, we will have to be more strategic in where we place it. Remember, that your floorboard is designed to give you more legroom. Placing the inverter in the middle of the floor will reduce your legroom. We recommend placing somewhere on the floorboard where it will be out of the way.




5. Place the Inverter Under the Dashboard

Another great location for us to install an inverter is directly underneath the dashboard. By installing it under the dash, you have direct access to the inverter from anywhere in the front of the cabin. You can plug your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or other small portable devices directly in the inverter for convenience.


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