It’s winter here in Brooklyn Park. With all of the snow and ice, winter also brings its share of driving hazards and inconveniences. Between decreased visibility and the challenges of getting your car road-ready in icy weather, winter can take the joy out of spending time behind the wheel. Fortunately, window tint can make your winter ride safer and more comfortable.

Our window tint installation pros at Mobile Installation have put together this post to break down the winter benefits of window tint. Check out these reasons and give us a call.

1.   Increased Visibility

Winter poses a number of threats to your ability to see the road clearly. This is especially troubling when added to the challenge of driving on slick winter streets due to ice and snow.

During the winter, solar glare is often increased as it reflects against the snow, making it difficult to see the road on bright winter days. The same reflective glare can occur with headlights at night. Window tint reduces this glare both during the day and at night, increasing visibility and giving drivers a clearer view.

2.   Warmer Ride

It’s difficult to focus on driving when your car is still cold from sitting in a parking lot or driveway. And when you’re shivering, your driving reflexes can become slower. When window tint is added to your car, it adds a layer of insulation that helps limit the transfer of heat.

During the hot summer months, this means your car stays cooler inside. And during the winter, this insulating factor means your ride will warm up more quickly, getting you on the road faster.

3.   UV Reduction

The same solar glare that makes it difficult to see while you’re behind the wheel also carries damaging UV rays that can harm the skin of both drivers and passengers. Window tint reduces many of these harmful rays, reducing your exposure to potentially cancer-causing UV damage.

This UV reduction comes with an added bonus as well. The same ultraviolet rays can cause your car’s interior to fade and many of the plastics in your vehicle to break down over time. By reducing the UV that gets into your ride, you’re helping to increase your car’s resale value.

     4. Reduces Window Breakage

High-quality window tints are like a protective layer on your vehicle's windows and windows with a tint or less likely to break than non-tinted ones. This means if breakage happens, the film will keep the window more intact instead of ending up with glass shards all over the vehicle.

The tint also makes the glass thicker, meaning it will be durable and reduces the risks of breakage or cracking, meaning a safer driving experience.

     5. Offers More Privacy

The tint can also help enhance your driving experience by making your car or more private environment. It can be nerve-wracking if you are just learning how to drive or you don't want other individuals looking in your vehicle while you are on the road.

Tinting helps reduce their chances of looking into the interior, creating a more relaxing experience behind the wheel.

     6. Boosts Confidence

Having confidence while you drive is crucial, and another benefit to tinting in the wintertime is that it helps increase the vehicle's aesthetics. This, in turn, can help you feel more confident in your driving abilities because you are behind the wheel of a vehicle that you feel proud to drive no matter what time of the year it is!

Tint Options

●        Ceramic

This is the highest quality available and offers a unique aesthetic and extra protection due to the ceramic particles. This is a more expensive option, but the material is highly shatter-proof, which keeps you and your passengers safer, and you don't have to worry about issues like glare making it difficult to see.

●        Metalized

The metalized tint is designed with metal particles in the film, which bond to the window. This means you are getting a high-quality, long-lasting material that blocks UV rays and helps strengthen the windows.

●        Dyed

This option involves placing a layer of dive between the adhesive interlayer and protective outer layer and applying it to the window. This is the most common type of window tinting and is the most affordable. This is also the best choice if you are looking for a simple way to darken your windows.

Order Your Brooklyn Park Window Tint

Winter is a time of transition that can be both beautiful and harsh all at once. Although we can’t save you from having to bundle up, installing window tint can help make your winter drive safer and more pleasant.

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