Snow, ice, rain, and mud are the enemies of your vehicle’s interior this time of year. If the idea of a muddy floorboard is less than pleasant, replacing your floor mats can make a world of difference.

At Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we specialize in providing aftermarket car interior solutions to make driving more pleasant and safe. One of our favorite products this time of year is protective floor mats from WeatherTech. In this post, we’ll break down some of the biggest ways WeatherTech mats improve over traditional floor mats. Give us a call to order your custom WeatherTech mats and keep your floors looking pristine.

The WeatherTech Difference

One of the reasons we love WeatherTech products is that they’re committed to investing in American manufacturing to offer the finest automotive aftermarket weather-protective gear. But WeatherTech is much more than just a manufacturer.

Every WeatherTech product begins at the Bolingbrook Product Development Center with research and development, product design, and engineering. WeatherTech’s industrial engineers use CAM and CAD technology to create 3D modeling and free-form surface modeling.

Whenever a manufacturer releases a new vehicle line or changes a model, WeatherTech’s engineers design products for every available configuration. WeatherTech’s parent company uses this same technology to supply OEM products to luxury automobile manufacturers.

They Offer a Clean and Seamless Aesthetic

The WeatherTech design is laser measured, so you get a custom fit every time. The DigitalFit technology can measure and scan all vehicle specifications, including the variations between all years, makes, and models. The mats are available in front, rear, and cargo, resulting in a customized liner to fit your vehicle's floor design.

Let Go of Worries About Spills

Messes on your carpet are a thing of the past with the WeatherTech brand. Their products are designed to keep the liquids in place, preventing them from pouring onto your interior. And the raised lips on the sides mean no more muddy floors and the best protection for your vehicle's carpeting.

Easy Clean Up Design

When a spill occurs in the vehicle, you might not have time to stop and clean it up immediately. The surface channels on your WeatherTech mats make it easy to clean up because all you have to do is empty the liquids when you are ready.

And if it's time for a deeper cleaning, you can accomplish this with a hose, pressure washer, and a soft bristle brush to rinse the debris and keep the material in excellent condition. The material is also lightweight, meaning less strain when lifting them out of the vehicle and more ease for you. 

Simple Installation

It takes very little effort to install the WetherTech mats, and they won't need any specialized modifications to incorporate. The process only requires sliding the material in and pressing it into your vehicle's retention posts until they are snug—no tools, no mess, leaving you with an easy installation option.

Keep Your Interior Looking Sharp

The liners are made from state-of-the-art materials, and because you want your interior to look its best, the WetherTech floor mat system also comes in four different colors, including:

●        Black

●        Gray

●        Cocoa

●        Tan

Not Your Dad’s Floor Mat

Most aftermarket floor mats haven’t improved much over the past 40 years. The same floor mat options available at most automotive stores are exactly what your parents used when they first started driving. They’re also less than effective at keeping moisture and debris from slipping underneath them to the floorboard.

Unlike traditional floor mats, WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats are innovative in both form and function. They’re manufactured using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a rubber-like compound that is latex-free and virtually odorless. WeatherTech mats are completely recyclable and contain no harmful materials like PVC, lead, or cadmium. These mats will retain their flexibility even on the coldest days.

Here are a few more ways WeatherTech mats stand out:

●        Anti-skid ridges

●        Nonstick finish for easy cleanup

●        Available for all makes and models

●        Limited lifetime warranty

Order Your Brooklyn Park Aftermarket Car Interior Products

What are you doing to protect your ride’s interior? With WeatherTech aftermarket car interior mats, you can protect your ride from everything from spilled juice to road salt.

Stop by our online gallery to check out our mats at work and then call us at 612-986-3332 for installation delivery. You can also connect with us online to get a free quote on your WeatherTech mats today.

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