Whether you’re a working parent who takes turns passing the kids back and forth with your co-parent or support system or you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, you deserve a hand. Raising healthy, happy children is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you’ll ever do.

If your time as a parent means spending much time behind the wheel of your car taking kids to music lessons, sports, or childcare, life can get pretty hectic. Fortunately, at Mobile Installation in Brooklyn Park, we offer a wide range of aftermarket car accessories to make life easier with or without kids.

In this post, our aftermarket installers are breaking down our must-have accessories for any parent with young kids to have in their car. Give us a call to schedule your aftermarket parts installation today!

1.   Car DVD Systems

Keeping your kids busy while you’re stuck in traffic can be a lifesaver. When kids are calmly entertained, it’s easier for moms and dads to focus. Having a DVD system in the car saves you the hassle of having to keep track of their tablet or phone while you’re out around town running errands. A DVD system will also make your next road trip much easier!

2.   Hands-Free Communication

It’s always safest not to answer your phone while you’re driving. But when you’ve got kids, you end up having to multitask constantly, and that may mean having to field an urgent call from a co-parent, child care provider, school, or doctor. Hands-free communication keeps your hands on the wheel while you let your important caller know you’ll get back to them as soon as possible. It also lets you change the radio without taking your focus off the road.

3.   Power Liftgates

Putting away strollers and groceries when you’ve got a child in your arms is an Olympic feat under the best of circumstances. With a power liftgate, you can easily open your hatch or trunk when your hands are full.

4.   Heated Seats

We’re recommending heated seats not for your children but for you. While you’re driving from baseball practice to violin lessons, you deserve a break for your aching back. Heated seats are just the thing to take the sting out of your errands!

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