Tinting car windows is an excellent way to make your car stand out from the crowd, but there's a few things that must be considered before applying tint to your windows. Thankfully, we're going to cover some excellent questions to consider before actively pursuing tinted windows. With this being said, here's a look at tinting vehicle windows and the common questions asked regarding the process.

Is It Legal?

Since tinting laws can vary by state, county, or the police officer you ask, it's important to ask tinting professionals in the area beforehand to get an idea of what's legal for window tinting. Since certain amounts can considerably block a driver's visibility (whether according to the law or the safety of the driver), remaining conservative when it comes to tinting is fairly important.

Does Tint Protect My Vehicle?

Tinting windows absolutely protects the inside of a vehicle. Since UV rays can easily add wear to a vehicle's interior, it's important to add tint if you plan on keeping the inside of your vehicle looking great over a long period of time. As most tint lasts up to ten years, it's safe to say you'll have protection for quite some time.

Will Tinting Limit My Phone Reception?

Some tints have metallic particles that can interfere with a phone's reception, so asking about the tint being used beforehand is fairly important. Although using a phone in a vehicle can be out of the question in certain areas, it can pose a problem for people operating with hands free devices.

What Do Tinting Percentages Mean?

The tinting percentages explain the amount of sunlight that will be visible after the tinting process. The lower the percentage, the lower amount of sunlight will be visible from inside the car. For example, a ten percent tinting job means that only ten percent of sunlight will be visible from inside the vehicle.

How Long Does It Take To Tint?

The actual tinting process only takes a few hours, but some professionals require more time for application (as the process is as sensitive as it is permanent).

Considering the information above, tinting your windows is an excellent idea... if you know what you're getting into. As some tints can be viewed for looks over functionality, it's important to know what one is getting into before making your windows considerably darker.

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