Do I Need to Tint My Windows?

Window tinting has been a long-standing practice for those that live in hotter climates or highly populated areas. Tinting provides protection from the sun for a car's interior and its occupants while adding a level of privacy for passengers. If you live in a climate that can damage your car, or live in an area with a lot of people, window tinting is often the right choice.

What is the Best Window Tint?

There are three basic types of tint to choose from, with a variety of colors, patterns, designs, and options. While it is completely up to the car owner as to what type of tint to use, owners should remember to use the state-approved tint level to avoid legal repercussions later. A certified professional in window tinting will be able to tell you how dark your tint can be.

Car tint can come in one of three types:

  • Crystalline Tints: This type blocks out over 96% of the suns rays, reducing interior heat by as much as 60%. While it is the most expensive type, it provides a high quality barrier that performs very well. This is a very good tint for those that live in hotter climates.
  • Carbon Film: The carbon tint is darker than the crystalline film, making it perfect for use as a privacy tint. It can last longer than cheaper tints and block the sun's rays by as much as 40% to reduce bleaching and heat from direct sunlight. While cheaper than crystalline, it is still more expensive than dyed tints.
  • Dyed Tints: Laminates that are dyed can be more cost-effective if you are working with a limited budget. This type reduces the possibility of glare for drivers and provides some protection from sun bleaching. However, the dyes don't last long and dyed tints can not reduce interior heat as well as the other two tints.

How Do I Choose the Right Tint?

The next step is to decide the look you want for your car. Since tinting can be an expensive process, it may be best to talk with professionals before making an appointment. Certified professionals will have current information on the latest trends, the state requirements, and the best options for your make and model of car. Contact Mobile Install  Services with questions or for a free estimate today. 

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