The History

Cruise control was invented by a blind man named Ralph Teeter, who could hear the different speeds of the cars around him as he rode in the car. He felt like these varying speeds helped cause traffic accidents and wanted a system of speed control drivers could utilize for safer speeds. Teeter worked on it for about a decade before cruise control was released in the 50s.

The Benefits of Cruise Control

Cruise control makes driving a safer, more convenient experience for drivers of all ages in every country on the planet. It is a useful tool for young or inexperienced drivers because it is easy to use without requiring new drivers to take their attention off the road or their hands off the wheel. Also, cruise control can help alleviate stress for young drivers trying to obey the speed limit and avoid speeding traps. 

For more experienced drivers, cruise control adds an extra measure of comfort on long trips when the gas pedal becomes a burden to push. It also helps avoid speeding tickets when the driver is tired or distracted by unfamiliar scenery or traffic patterns. Cruise control also helps save money on gas because a driver is not manually operating the gas pedal. Steady speeds reduce the energy used by the engine.

Older and handicapped drivers can use cruise control for all of the benefits already listed but with the added perk of limited physical exertion. Tired or injured leg or back muscles can feel the strain even on short trips. Cruise control reduces physical fatigue, providing safer, more comfortable trips out.

The Dangers of Cruise Control

While cruise control can benefit drivers, there are some drawbacks to using it. Cruise control has been known to reduce reaction times. The driver has to be ready to react if his or her foot is not on the gas pedal. It has also been known to contribute to a loss of driver focus. If a driver doesn't have to watch his or her speed, he or she may put attention somewhere else. Finally, cruise control should not be utilized in inclement weather which can become a habit for those that use it regularly.

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Cruise control comes standard on over half of all US cars. However, people that need an after-market installation can contact Mobile Installation Service for estimates and appointments. 

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