Imagine it, you just set out on a business or road trip to the other end of the state, but you did not plan how to keep your laptop or phone charged along the way. The last thing you want is to deviate from your experience, so if stopping is not at the top of your list, a car inverter might be the solution you need!

Inverters utilize the direct current from your car's battery (DC) power source and convert it to an AC power source. In essence, we can turn the DC power source (plug-in) in your car into a standard wall outlet. They achieve this without sucking all of the energy out of your car battery while you are driving.

The outlet can then be used to charge your favorite devices and come in different sizes and shapes that work with almost any budget. The system delivers an easy installation and can be hardwired into your car battery or a 12 Volt port for convenience. And since most smaller electronics require more power than a DC source can, the inverter increases the signal strength and makes it convenient to use devices such as computers in the car.

What Devices Can You Use With an Inverter

Inverters are useful on long road trips, for camping, for people who travel for business, truck drivers, and anyone who needs more power in the car. Any electronic device that requires an AC input requires an inverter. Some examples include:

●        Televisions

●        DVD and Blu Ray players

●        Game systems

●        Catalytic heaters

●        Cooking equipment

●        Power tools

Different Types of Car Inverters

We carry two main types of car inverters:

●        Modified Sine Wave: Produce a modified sine wave that will accommodate most consumer electronics, so they work well in a lot of different applications.

●        Pure Sine Wave: Produce a sine wave that is more similar to a wall outlet. Most consumer electronics will work with a pure sine wave. We can test it with any electronics you want to use.

How Can an Inverter Benefit You?

The uses for inverters are endless, and almost any small device can be plugged into them. They offer ease and convenience, and just a few of their benefits include:

Enhance Outdoor Experiences

Because of their versatility, inverters are commonly used for outdoor or off-grid activities. Using the power from the car's battery, you can optimize solar power systems or never worry about needing to physically blow up an air mattress.

Add an Outlet to Your Vehicle

Inverters are great for long excursions or spending time on the road for work. From running entertainment systems to utilizing cooking equipment, they can make the entire experience more comfortable.

They Are an Electrical Source in Emergencies

You have probably heard of generators as an option for emergencies, but an inverter can mimic this on a smaller level. The system can provide backup lighting or keep enough power in your cell phone until you can call for help.

How Do We Hook Your Inverter Up?

The easiest way for us to hook an inverter up is to directly plug it into the cigarette lighter or a 12v accessory socket. There are some limitations to this type of setup. We can also hook it up to the fuse panel or directly to your car battery. Once you bring the car into our service center, we can determine the most powerful and safest way to hook the inverter up to the car.

Keep in mind that a car inverter can only handle so many electronic devices at a time. In most cases, inverters are limited to a five or ten-amp draw. In heavier-duty applications, we’ll need to connect the inverter to the fuse panel or directly to the battery. The kind of inverter you get and how we connect it will largely depend on your needs.

Professional Inverter Installation from Mobile Installation

If you would like to add more power to your car, we have the solution for you. At Mobile Installation, we can install car inverters in cars, trucks, and SUVs. No matter what type of vehicle you have, there’s an inverter that will work in it.

To find out more about the features and benefits of car inverters, visit our Minneapolis location. You can also contact us at 612-986-3332, or you can message us on our contact page.

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