When you think about heated seats, you probably think about how they can heat up quickly to warm up your car’s occupants in a hurry when it’s cold outside. But many car owners are installing heated seats in their vehicles for another reason: back pain. Back pain is a common complaint among millions of Americans and can take the fun out of driving even the fastest vehicle. But heated seats installed in your vehicle can help make driving more comfortable so you can enjoy sitting behind the wheel whether you’re driving around town or on a road trip.


At Mobile Installation, we install high-performance aftermarket products in Minnesota vehicles. In this post, we’ll talk about why you should consider installing heated seats in your car and how it can ease your back pain.


Installing Heated Seats in Your Car

When you suffer from chronic back pain, every day can be a struggle. But if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel commuting across town or taking road trips, that back pain can make your life miserable. Many back pain sufferers ease their pain by using heating pads, but that’s not really an option while you’re in the car.


That’s where heated seats can be a lifesaver for drivers who spend a good deal of time in their cars. Back pain sufferers find that turning on their heated seats, no matter what the temperature is outside, can help them feel better and reduce stiffness while they’re driving. Because heated seats heat up quickly, you’ll have relief from the moment you climb into the vehicle.


We can install our seat heaters in a wide range of vehicles, including:

●        Motorcycles

●        Boats

●        Tractors

●        Cars and trucks

●        Golf carts

●        Forklifts

●        Other industrial machinery


Heated Seat Solutions for Your Vehicle

Our dual-zone heating solutions can be installed in leather seats or fabric seats and are available for single seats or in pairs. All of our heated seating solutions are supported with a powerful three-year warranty. Their five-position thumb dial control switch with a dimmable LED and three-position control switch makes operating them simple. With a rapid heating time of less than one minute, you’ll get warm almost immediately after starting your vehicle on cold Minnesota mornings.


Interior Accessories for Your Minnesota Vehicle

When it comes to installing quality aftermarket parts in your vehicle, our technicians are committed to providing excellent service and support to Minnesota residents. Whether you’re looking for back pain relief or you just want to be more comfortable, heated seats can be installed in almost any vehicle.


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