When it’s winter in Minnesota, mornings can feel pretty brutal, especially if you have to park outside instead of in a lovely, heated garage. But even if you don’t have to wait for your ride to warm up in the mornings, installing heated seats can be a true gift to yourself during the winter and all year long.

At Mobile Installation, we’re proud to offer our customers Rostra seated heats for their vehicles. In this post, we’re covering some of the top benefits of choosing Rostra heated seats for your ride. Don’t put off heated seat installation another day! Check out this list of great reasons to install heated seats and then call to get the comfortable drive to work you’ve been missing.

1.   They’re great for your bad back.

If you’ve got a touch of arthritis or sciatica or you’ve got a seriously bad back, winter can wreak havoc on your body. That’s because cold weather can cause your joints and muscles to stiffen. And getting into a frosty-cold vehicle for a long, chilly ride to work does nothing to help. But a Rostra heated seat can actually be therapeutic for your bad back, warming up your muscles and joints with soothing heat. You may find you don’t want the drive to end!

2.   You’ll feel toasty on the coldest winter drives.

No matter how well your car heats up on cold days, Rostra heated seats can add a layer of warmth that radiates throughout your entire vehicle. That means your ride can heat up faster and you’ll be more comfortable even when the weather outside is frightful.

3.   Your passenger can control his or her own seat.

Why should the driver be the only one to get warm and cozy in a Rostra seat? Rostra seats are designed so that driver and passenger can individually control their seat temperature. That way everyone is happy!

Features of Rostra Heated Seats

Whether you’re installing heated seats for the lumbar support or you’re tired of shivering when the temperature is sub-zero, Rostra offers a comfortable option for all types of cars.

These are just some of the features you’ll get when you choose Rostra heated seats for your ride:

●        Rapid heat-up

●        Continuous temperature monitoring to prevent overheating

●        3-position control switch and 5-position thumb dial with dimmable LED

●        Separate back and seat sensors

Order Your Rostra Heated Seats

Are you ready to transform your morning commute with Rostra heated seats? Give Mobile Installation a call today! Stop by our online gallery and then call us at 612-986-3332, or you can get a convenient free quote on the web. Now is the perfect time to start enjoying your drive to work with aftermarket accessories from Mobile Installation!

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