Heated Seats InstallationYou get into your car on an average ‘below zero’ Minnesota morning.  How long does it take until you feel the icy cold seats reaching through your clothes to remind you that you live in Minnesota?  Probably about 30 seconds or so…

We can be somewhat spoiled these days - with in-dash Internet access, remote start, high fidelity car stereo, self-defrosting windows, and even heated cup holders.  And although we have come a long way from those bygone days of park-bench style and comfort in our vehicles, heated seats are not really just another creature comfort. Well, technically, they can qualify by definition, but there are some added benefits as well.

Many people, including seniors, face upper-body mobility issues that can cause pain or stiffness in the back, neck, arms or shoulders. Adjustable lumbar support and heated seats can help soothe aching backs and shoulders. The gentle, therapeutic warmth of an automotive seat heating system can help in soothing lower back pain, and works well with cloth or leather vehicle seats.  Total comfort is also less than one minute away with the rapid heat up time of the systems we offer. One premier brand of such amenities is Rostra, which we have available for single seats or pairs, and is a universal design which fits most vehicles.  Gently warming both your back and seat is no problem with their dual-zone heating option.

Seat heaters aren't just for your daily commute to work either. They can be installed in a variety of vehicle types including RVs, motorcycles, boats, farm tractors, and industrial machineryWe have not determined how to do bicycle seats yet, but if there is a way, our technicians will probably figure it out! Aftermarket heated seats don't change the appearance of your seat, but having this feature in your vehicle will add to the resale value and desirability to the buyer.

Treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort today – stop in and visit us to find out why you ‘need’ nice and comfy heated seats in your vehicle!


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