If you are unfamiliar with cars, you may not know what the function of a catalytic converter is. Despite its fancy name, this is a standard part that comes in modern vehicles, and typically it is illegal not to have one.

It's an essential part of your vehicle system and has become a popular component to steal. Mobile Installation Services is here to provide you with more information about this component and how to keep yours safe from theft.

What Do Catalytic Converters Do?

The catalytic converter is a filter inside your vehicle's exhaust system and is typically found in internal combustion engines. If your car runs on gas and was produced after 1975, chances are good that you will have one. The converter's primary function is to reduce harmful emissions by converting pollutants like carbon monoxide into less toxic alternatives like nitrogen and oxygen.

One with a high-quality design can reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions to 90%. In 1988, the EPA stated that anyone selling or installing these converters must meet federal guidelines or face penalties of up to $25,000.

What Makes them so Valuable?

So you might wonder why they would be a common target; the simple answer is that it's a quick way to make money. It only takes about two minutes to remove a converter from a vehicle, and depending on the type of exhaust system, the thief might not need much more than a wrench or saw to get it done. Once they are underneath your vehicle, it's a simple process of removing the converter and selling the parts for the metals inside.

The converters are built with rhodium, platinum, and palladium, which could be worth more than gold, and a recycler may pay between $50 and $250 for a standard vehicle. However, if it's coming from a hybrid, you can get between $800 and $1500, making this an easy payoff for thieves.

How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter

Protecting the converter can be done with a few steps, and companies like Mobile Installation Services can offer you several options. Installing a high-quality steel plate custom-made for your vehicle is a great starting place. But if you want to build off that, you can also consider a car alarm triggered by the plate being tampered with and combine this with bright flashing lights, making it not worth the hassle.

Expert Services and Installations Every Time

Understanding how to protect your vehicle as a first step and using protective measures can create a deterrent that thieves don't want to mess around with. Professional installation starts with experienced technicians, and Mobile Installation Services delivers more than just a trusted name.

Our team works hard to ensure you are getting an experience that delivers. So, whether you are considering investing in heated seats or want to give your ride a new look with window tint, we are the right choice in Minnesota.

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